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“Gidaa” in Kannada, the language of Karnataka, India means “Plants”. The company is in the research and development of plant-based drugs for Dementia related ailments such as Alzheimer’s. Based in Bangalore, this pharma startup is incorporated as a Private Limited Company in November 2021. Our unique formulation went through successful Cell-line studies, animal studies and synergy-effect studies in premier institutes in India.

Our next steps are starting human trials and protecting our intellectual property. We are on our way to obtain Patents in India and all other major countries. We are also just about to start our first human trials.


Alzheimer’s is a progressive neuro degenerative disease caused by deposits of unwanted proteins in the brain. These proteins called Amyloid Plaques and Tau Tangles form between the brain cells and disrupt communications in the brain slowing down a person’s cognitive and motor functions. Research indicate that release and accumulation of free radicals attack the neurons, cause cell damages and prevent cells from maintaining their health.


What our Unique Formulation Does?

The unique ingredients in our formulation has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and neuro protective properties that can reduce inflammation, increase anti-oxidant levels that leads to effective disposal of free radicals. Our formulation increases bio-availability, better absorption and has proven capability of crossing the blood-brain barrier. These properties lead to:



We are on our way to obtain Patents in India and all other major countries.


We have been conducting various research studies for the past few years and every step along the way has been very encouraging.

Cell Line Study

A Cell line study we conducted at Indian Institute of Technology revealed that our compound significantly improves Glycolysis, Cellular Pyruvate and ATP levels. It also improves Mitochondrial Membrane Potential. Further the study also revealed that the compound has potential for regenerative ability.

Toxicology Study

A certified GLP lab Toxicology Study classified our formulation as Category 5 drug as per Globally Harmonized Classification System indicating that the formulation is Non-Toxic and hence has no side effects on Oral administration.

Animal Study

Our Animal Studies have revealed that our compound not only clears Amyloid Plaques and Tau Tangles but also significantly reduces APP (Amyloid Precursor Protein), all inflammatory markers and boosts all Antioxidants' levels in the brain. Further tests revealed that our compound is able to successfully cross Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) and has shown Disease Reversal potential as proven by Histopathological and Behavioral studies of four weeks.


Dr. Vas Srinivasan

Research and industry experience across many industries. Technical, managerial, entrepreneurial, global, mentoring/coaching expertise

Natarajan Ravichandran

Rich technology, engineering and product development expertise. Entrepreneurial experience in healthcare industry to provide unique solutions for doctors and patients

Mohamed Arif

Immense research and product development experience in Pharma industry. Botanist with hands on experience in pharmacology, drug development and pharmaceutical marketing. Created more than 50 unique Phyto Products and commercialized the products

Venkatadri V.G

Finance and accounting expert and advisor to many companies. Fund raising and regulatory expertise. Helped to structure deals for M&A and growth. Expertise in taking companies public.

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